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Robert H. Tinker, Ph.D., P.C. has been a licensed psychologist in private practice for the past 40 years, specializing in EMDR treatment for adults and children, family and marriage therapy, phantom limb and pain memories, and motor vehicle accident treatment.  He is senior author with Sandra A. Tinker-Wilson, Ph.D. of Through the Eyes of a Child, EMDR with Children.  Drs.Tinker and Wilson were co-trainers for EMDR Child Trainers in Europe and taught EMDR to therapists around the world to work with children.  Between the years 1995 and 2009, trainings were conducted in countries including Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Rwanda, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United States.  Dr. Tinker is co-author and clinical director of several published EMDR research articles (JCCP 95, 97, IJSM 2001). 
Dr. Tinker has donated numerous hours working on humanitarian projects with the EMDR Institute and the Spencer Curtis Foundation, Inc. (SCF): a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  He is currently founder and trainer with the Tinker-Wilson EMDR Institute (a div. of SCF) in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has conducted trainings with Dr. Wilson over the past decade.  Dr. Tinker is a renowned and frequent keynote speaker and media spokesperson as an EMDR Ambassador.

Sandra A. Tinker-Wilson, Ph.D., P.C. (now deceased) was the Executive Director and Founder of the Spencer Curtis Foundation, Inc. (1995) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which conducts scientific research treatment outcome studies of EMDR with special populations and humanitarian projects.  As principal investigator, her research has been published in the prestigious APA Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (Wilson, Becker, & Tinker, JCCP, 1995, 1997), (International Journal of Stress Management, Wilson, Logan, Tinker, Becker, 2001.)  Current areas of research are phantom limb pain and group programs for children in refugee camps.  Several unpublished studies are in progress.  Dr. Wilson has presented EMDR at an APA Press Conference, on NPR, The Discovery Channel, CNN, and numerous multi-media presentations, as well as several chapters published in EMDR books.

Dr. Wilson coordinated several humanitarian programs through the Spencer Curtis Foundation, Inc. (named after angel grandsons).  The Oklahoma City Bombing was the first coordinated project with the EMDR Institute and the beginning of HAP (Humanitarian Assistance Programs.)  Dr. Wilson spent six months on site, coordinating 180 volunteer therapists for free clinics, and 5 pro-bono trainings for 307 Oklahoma therapists.  Dr. Wilson and Dr. Tinker have provided many humanitarian programs and retreats; including Columbine High School shooting, Dunblane, Scotland shooting, Albanian Kosovo German refugee camp, and Fort Carson Army Post probono trainings.  Dr. Wilson has conducted many EMDR trainings over the past twelve years as an EMDRIA trainer. (In Memoriam)